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Project 1 – the selfie

We are required to submit three “selfies” or self portraits for the Uni course as part of our assesment. These can be of our personal, creative or professional self and it’s very open and broad.
Sounds easy? Well, for me the image taking is not a problem, three selfies, simple. The challenging part for me is accompanying the images with text describing how I came up with the concept, inspirations, techniques – what, why and how …
For me, ideas often happen at the strangest times – and usually the just happen. An epiphany if you will.
Sometimes I will see something that inspires a creative idea and I bend it to my own needs or store it in my brain for later. Sometimes I’ll draw from something I saw in the past with no idea when or where but it will influence me to try something new.
I like to stay up late. REAL late. Sometimes when I’m really REALLY tired my brain works in wierd ways and BAM!! It’s like looking down a tunnel on a train with light at the end and I can’t stop, grabbing ideas as i fly past them until I explode out of that tunnel with creative genius! Sometimes I look at it again in the morning and think – “what was I thinking”, but most times I’m chuffed with the results.
Often after catching up from the above sleep deprevation with the occasional sleep in, something that’s been bugging me will suddenly become clear – things will come to me in dreams or on waking.
This happened yesterday with Project 2 where we need a theme for 10 photos – more on that in a future post.

Anyway, self portraits.
I guess there are two kinds – those you would use as an avatar – small square representation of yourself, usually a bust or head shot and larger image showing perhaps your full body and more of your surroundings.
Here’s a few examples of me I had posted before the course, there’s quite a variety showing some of my public self, interests and personality.

Below is my first shot taken for this course – perhaps the easiest one.
I’m in my comfort zone, surrounded by technology (I love it!). It’s where I spend a fair bit of my time, building, tinkering, designing, getting creative, sometimes playing games and staying up late. I built this space myself under my house, it’s an extension of me. It has room for eight PC’s and people – a group of mates come up every few weeks for a bit of virtual fun, usually head to head on a race track or hunting each other in a shoot’em. I guess you could call this my office or the Man Cave, I call it … the Enclave. More information can be found HERE.

The Enclave - Self Portrait 1

The Enclave – Self Portrait 1

I took – let just say quite a few – shots, trying different distances to get MORE in (yes, there’s much more!), different heights, angles and poses.
This was my favourite, I look relaxed and happy and though the image is quite cluttered, it shows what this side of my life/personality is all about and many of my interests. I also like the composition – it complies with the “guideline” of thirds, there’s a lot to look at in this image but I feel it flows quite nicely.
I took it with my Sony RX100M3 and processed the single RAW image in Photoshop, bringing out detail in the highlights and shadows and stripping back some of the colour but not all of it as I thought too much information was lost here with so much going on and too much colour made it more overpowering/confusing.

Now to post it in the Uni forums for some feedback. I hope they’re kind 🙂


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