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Project 2 – the selfie, post 2

Below are two more selfies and some versions with various edits I’ve made. Playing with the idea that a selfie should “reflect” some part of our life or interests, I decided to play with reflections and these ideas evolved from that. This also plays with the fact that most selfies on the internet are taken from a reflection in a mirror.

Selfie reflection in my own eye.
Not that I was aware of it, but perhaps subconsiously inspired by the UTas’s graphic that led me to this course.
They say the eye is the window to the soul, I wanted to capture an image of myself reflected in my eye.
“You never know just how you look through other people’s eyes” – Butthole Surfers in ther song “Pepper” – this is how I look through my eyes, kind of.
This is a single image taken using a mirror.
Selfie2 eyesA
To get only the iris in colour, in Photoshop I copied the image to a second layer and made the top image mono and adjusted. I then used the eraser tool with a edge hardness of about 45 to delete just the eye section of the top mono layer so the colour one showed. (This can also be done using masks instead). I had to then desaturate the colouriris as it looked way to intense and fake against the mono face.

I uploaded this pic to facebook as my avatar cropping very close onto just the left eye but it looked a bit menacing. I played around and come up with a single eye square crop for avatar use that includes the camara  – it still uses the “rule of thirds”. I digitally plucked a few long eyebrow hairs too 😉

Selfie2 eyeB
I still thought it looked a bit menacing with the added contrast and detail and I wanted to put even more focus onto the eye and the reflection of me in it, so below I’ve edited the shot by blurring the outer edges of my face and sharpened the eye to that the eye is drawn into it more. I also reduced the contrast of my face and reduced the shadow over my eye to soften the image.
Selfie2 eyeC

After getting some feedback in the UTas forum, I was looking at my efforts, re-reading the course guide and thinking about the images application when I the concept below poped into my head – a reflection of me in my camara lens. Unsure if it would work or how it would come out I’m exceptionally pleased with this single shot result, which has had only minimal post processing.

Selfie4 LensA

Cropped using the “rule of thirds”.

I took it with my Sony RX100M3 looking into my Nikon D3200 lens placed face up on a table outside to get plenty of light. A hedge behind me frames the cirles of the lens nicely and I chose this one because the smallest “selfie” – which is upside down as it would appear on the camera’s sensor is very sharp and the focus fades as it moves out through the layers of lens glass.

Selfie4 LensB

Cropped with upside down me in the centre.

I love the depth, layers  and colour in this shot, however, I need to rething it as a small avatar as it loses all the lovely detail when reduced and it is quite dark. I perfer it cropped with the cirle in centre, to me it seems more balanced with this image. Here’s a closer cropped version which I prefer. For a small avatar, it could be cropped further.
Selfie4 LensC



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