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Busy times …

Well, It’s been a busy few weeks. At the same time I started the Uni course in Photography and Social media, I started a new job at Aust Post as a Christmas Casual in the Mail Centre, learning to operate 3 big mail sorting machines. My shifts were evening. Last week I got a call and was asked if I wanted a full time position driving a van! How could I say now, of course I wanted to.
So, I immediately had 3 new routes to learn, my last one has 51 Red pillar boxes to empty, remembering how to get to each of them – and return to base by a strict time with not much lea way for error or traffic hold ups. I had my first solo run on Friday, started off nervously but by halfway around my route I was wearing a huge grin and loving it!
Here’s a quick selfie I took after my very first solo run:
I took this with the smaller front facing camera on my phone, the result is pretty ordinary so not one I will submit for my project.

I haven’t had a chance to even look at week 3 information yet, nor finish some of the requirements for week two – like creating a mind map. If I were to create a mind map at the moment I don’t think I could find a piece of paper big enough – my brain is full! But I do have an idea for creating one when I get a chance.
I plan to continue with the Uni course when I’m more settled into my new roll at work and can hopefully catch up during the Uni break over Christmas. My hours are much longer and cut more into my day.

I’ve been considering themes for project two – I normally just shoot photos as situations arrive or I see something that visually works for a photo.
Last week a new gimbal to mount the Sony RX100M3 onto my F550 UAV or “drone” arrived along with a HDMI converter to give me live video feed on the ground and a remote camera controller. I can’t wait to set this up but it hasn’t had a look in yet. Lots to learn and fiddle with before it gets in the air. I’m also waiting on some longer and lighter aluminium arms to arrive and want to rebuild my current 6 arm UAV into a Y6 – 3 arms with a motor on top and another underneath of each arm to save weight.  This may become my theme of Project 2 of the course – two birds with one stone as it were.
My favorite idea so far though is “Monsters and Freaks”. When Abel Tasman discovered Tasmania he said that the place was so far south that it was only inhabitable by monsters and freaks. I would like to use this to show the two extreme sides of Tasmanian ideologies that often divide our community – the Monsters: those that are willing to destroy what is naturally special and spectacular on this island in the name of improving our ecconomy and jobs, and the Freaks: those that are standing up for the protection of the environment over short term greed.
This would require a lot of time and travel to accomplish what I would like to document and achieve, given my current workload I think I would be stretching myself a bit thin. We’ll see, a while before Project 2 needs to be submitted so I will keep my thinking cap on and see how I go.


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