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Rebuilding my tripod …

Slightly off present selfie topics from the Photography and Social Media Uni course, however this will be of great benefit in my future aerial photograpic endevours, so I hope it counts for something.

The final parts that I ordered back in November for my F550 “drone” or UAV arrived, so I’ve been busy almost completely rebuilding it when opportunity arises, usually late at night.
338 cameras weight
The reason, I wish to carry a much better – and heavier camera, the Sony RX100M3 and G40 gimbal which means I need to trim as much weight elsewhere from the craft. I plan on also rebuilding and modifying some parts of the new gimbal to make it lighter.
024 F550 HexThe original F550 kit which I built is a Hexacopter – it has 6 plastic arms with a single motor on each.
923 Arms WeightI’ve been busy installing new, longer  lighter weight aluminium arms, but instead of six arms, I’ve reduced it to three, with a motor mounted top and bottom of each. This configuration is called a Y6.
817 inside electronics Hex
The internal electronics for the old HEX setup had been added to over time and became, well, a little untidy.
957 inside electronics Y6As I had to resolder the E300 ESC’s (Electronic Speed Controllers) to pair them up for the new configuration, I also changed the layout, tidied things up and reduced as much weight as I could, almost rebuilding it completely.
519 F550 Y6
This has resulted in a much lighter craft around 1kg as seen here, which should be more stable in wind and also more agile, allowing my to carry the heavier camera and retain flight times of around 15 minutes with an all up weight around 2kg.
I have ordered some larger propellers which should improve efficiency and hopefully increase flights to 18-20 mins – or allow me to put a smaller, lighter battery to trim weight further.
I still have the camera and gimbal wiring to finish and figure out the best way to attach it – along with some legs.


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