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Selfies for Utas …

I haven’t had a chance to catch up on the Uni course notes for a while, but I’ve taken a few shameless selfies during my daily activities over the last few days. The following images have had mild manipulation in Photoshop, generally adjusting levels, vibrance, contrast, white balance and the like. I’ve cropped them square to show how they could be used as an avatar.
1038LighthouseSelfieDuring a day trip to Bruny Island with the family, I took the photo above of me reflected in a window of the Cape Bruny Lighthouse with my Sony RX100 M3.
I particularly like the depth and layers in this image with the spiral staircase and window inside and the reflections on the window showing dramatic clouds outside, bordered by the tattered window frame.
A lot can be read into this image and is the reason I took it. Perhaps a metaphor for how we can only see certain parts of a person by what bits of their selves they choose to share with others during given moments of time. The damaged window frame could represent external scars, but there are dark or unknown places inside the viewer can’t see. We’re all connected by the helix of DNA, all going somewhere and have probably weathered a few storms but can be too quick to judge others without knowing their full story.
For that reason it is one of my favourites, though I don’t feature prominently.

1063 GBMan
The image above is perhaps more a professional “selfie”. There is another me – I’m also a real life gingerbread man! My wife and I own Tasmanian Gingerbread and have a stall at Salamanca Market. While my wife does the cooking, I run around like a gingerbread man does, getting ingredients, making deliveries and doing technical and design things like fix equipment, PC’s, design our branding and packaging and maintain the online store I created –
The gingerbread man on our car got rather muddy running around Bruny Island, but he had lots of fun 😛
The shot above was taken with my Sony RX100M3 using 1.8 apeture to minimise focal distance for dramatic effect and and 24mm lens to deliberately increase distortion.

231 SelfieChooks
I’m a bit of a night owl, often staying up till 2am tinkering in my “man-cave” on drones or PC related stuff, so I don’t often get up very early, except Saturdays, for our Salamanca Market stall.
Last Saturday morning around 6am, I snapped off a few quick casual selfies using my Samsung Galaxy S5 phone’s screen side camera during “the golden hour”. The shot above was just before the sun peeped over the hill while feeding my chickens. Considering I caught about 3 hours sleep, I think I scrubbed up reasonably well.

532 Selfie Supernova
While playing with the early morning sun as back lighting, I caught this shot just for fun and I quite like it. My brain went SUPERNOVA!! Three hours sleep will do that apparently.

605 Selfie FernsAM
This was more my original intention, “golden hour” back lighting through the ferns.  In Photoshop, I used the Shadows/Highlights sliders to recover some detail in the highlights and shadows before adjusting the levels and colour balance. I think my eyes look a little agressive or intense, they were probably trying to close themselves – and I was in a hurry, the wife was waiting to go 😉 And perhaps I should have a shave.

324 Selfie F550
I thought as part of this project, I would also post what I consider a failed attempt at a selfie to show some of my experimentation.
I was trying to use the pink sunset lit sky in the background while taking a selfie holding my rebuilt drone. Clearly the RX100 was in use so I used the smaller screen side camera on my phone, which clearly wasn’t up to the job. Unfortunately using that camera, I can’t use HDR or the flash for fill lighting. The ambient light was already pretty dim, added with backlighting from the sky has resulted in a grainy image with not much detail. I tried to rescue it in Photoshop as much as I could but the detail just isn’t there. I took about 12 shots and this was, um, the best.

I haven’t been back onto the UTas forum for some time, I know I need to post a few shots for others to critique as well as provide some feedback myself. I’m hoping to get a chance to fully engage again during the next week.



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