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Project 1 submission

I did some re-cropping and final editing in Photoshop on some selfies but only chose to submit four for peer critique in the Utas forum.

Content and Context (what is in the images and why did I make them)
Being a “Selfie” project, I’ve put myself in the following images. I tired to show various aspects to my personality through them with a mix of personal and professional shots taken during my activities over the past few weeks. I particularly enjoyed playing with reflections which is apt given a selfie is a reflection of how you present yourself to the world.
I’ve cropped them all square so that they can be used as avatars for various social media, only some would be suitable to be used in a round format such as Google+ as I’m not in the middle. Some are clearly of me, some are deliberately obscure, hiding my identity but still revealing a little about me.
Enclave: Situated in my “man-cave”, a place I’ve built where I work, tinker and relax, I wanted to appear almost part of the room – not standing out too obviously so the viewer is more inclined to browse at all the things around the room, witch include many of my hobbies and passions to show what I’m capable of in a professional manner.
493 Enclave
Composition and technique: It’s quite a dimly lit space, I used a tripod mounted high, pre-focused and a 10 second timer with the Sony RX100M3 – and ran backwards and forwards taking about 20 shots with various poses. I tried to capture myself at my computer looking relaxed and in control of the relative chaos around me. I’ve edited this photo based on some of the feedback provided in an earlier forum post. I’ve re-cropped it square with the border fading to black to contain it, my eyes are central horizontally in the image but I’m deliberately less than 1/3 from right into the shot so I’m not overpowering everything else (kind of an anti-rule of thirds). I’ve pumped up the colour a bit, but reduced the highlights on the monitors which were previously overpowering.
Eye Selfie: A professional selfie, I wanted to capture my reflection in my own eye. I had in mind to just use my eye, but including part of the camera says a little more about me.
Selfie2 eyesD

Composition and technique: My eye is centered horizontally with my reflection 1/3 top so it is the focus of the image. To enhance this, in photoshop I sharpened my eye and blurred gradually out so it looked like I had taken it with a small apeture – I didn’t as it was hard to get my eye in focus in the mirror. I created a second layer, made the top one mono, deleted the area of my iris so the colour one would show through. It took a lot of experimenting with the mono area to get it soft enough, yet enough contrast to not look threatening. I used the dodge and burn tools to reduce some shadows around wrinkles, bags under the eyes and in the corner, the shadow from my brow without getting rid on any imperfections completely.
Lens Selfie: Born from an epiphany, this photo exceeded my expectations. A professional selfie based on my love of photography, I’m shown reflected in the layers of glass in the lens of my Nikon.

Selfie4 LensC

Composition and technique: Taken with my Sony RX100M3, I placed my Nikon camera facing up on a table outside so there would only be sky behind me and shot it hand held at an angle so you could not see the RX100 – only me. It took probably 10 shots to get this – with the upside down image of me bang in focus – what would be captured by the camera’s sensor – this was a real surprise to me. I’ve center cropped it further than previously here to really get the detail inside the lens, it also makes it more abstract. I despeckled it as there was some noise, sharpened it, intensified the colours, increased the contrast and adjusted the levels again. You tend to see a lot more the second time you edit an image.
Lighthouse Selfie:  During a day trip to Bruny Island with the family, I took this photo of me reflected in a window of the Cape Bruny Lighthouse with my Sony RX100 M3.
I particularly like the depth and layers in this image with the spiral staircase and window inside and the reflections on the window showing dramatic clouds outside, bordered by the tattered window frame.
A lot can be read into this image and is the reason I took it. Perhaps a metaphor for how we can only see certain parts of a person by what bits of their selves they choose to share with others during given moments of time. The damaged window frame could represent external scars, but there are dark or unknown places inside the viewer can’t see. We’re all connected by the helix of DNA, all going somewhere and have probably weathered a few storms but can be too quick to judge others without knowing their full story.
For that reason it is one of my favourites, though I don’t feature prominently.


Composition and technique: I sat the RX100 on the window sill to get the best angle – it was a little awkard as it was a bit high so I took several shots – I was trying to exclude the camera yet still get me with the storm clouds behind and the lighthouse interior.
I’ve cropped it more for what’s around the edges than any “rules” – the space is even between the window corners, the damaged frame and I’ve come down almost onto the window at top. It has been selectively edited in photoshop to enhance the storm cloud reflection while retaining what little detail is in my face.
Project 1 editing: Can I submit 4? It’s a tough choice on which one to drop. If I have to, it would likely be the enclave one as more thought and creativity went into the others.
I also like that the have a theme of reflection in them – and a selfie reflects who we are, or rather, who we want to present to the viewer!

Below are two more images I further edited but did not submit for critique:


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