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Playing with light

A couple more selfies I hadn’t edited yet. I decided not to submit my Project 1 selfies last Friday as I still have a few ideas to play with.
Using a single light source and trying a few different angles, I’ve post processed the following images using different methods in Photoshop. I’ve deliberately kept them dark and minimalist with lots of negative space. This goes against my usual editing style where, depending on the photo and subject, I try to recapture as much information from the highlights and shadows – as can be seen throughout my Flickr feed.
They’re both cropped using the rule of thirds onto my left eye. I prefer the first one, I feel it has a movie quality about it. I’ve added quite a bit of clarity, where as the second I took it away to make it softer. It is also cooler – more blue and to me conveys more emotion or action, like something is about to happen.

Both were edited from RAW images from the Sony RX100 M3.
Of all the camera’s I’ve owned, this has quickly become my favourite. Light weight, takes great quality images and is so vertatile.
I’m off for a bushwalk tomorrow. It will be nice to not have to lug 8+ kg around to get a decent shot.

1072 Workbench

After a few late nights over a hot soldering iron and tying seemingly endless zip ties – my new best friend, I have the RX and gimbal fully functional on my UAV along with all the other electronics. It’s now ready to fly again, just waiting on some propellers to arrive …


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