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Project 2 – themes

I’ve had a real battle deciding on a theme for Project 2 of the Photography and Social Media University course. I normally take photos as opportunity presents itself in front of me, not usually with a particular purpose in mind. I had plenty of ideas, but I had trouble settling on one. Several ideas flowed and a few opportunities presented themselves – like the trip to Bruny Island where I got a good ten shots, I find old buildings intriguing – and chimneys and little detail on buildings – particularly around Hobart, there’s a few crackers about if you pay attention that most people would fail to see. Mt Wellington/kunanyi is on my back door and presents endless opportunities – waterfalls etc. If you look at my recent photos on Flickr you can see some examples.
I took quite a few very sad shots of roadkill recently which I won’t post, though they make an emotive subject and challenge the viewer, I find them somewhat gruesome and extremely confronting. And of course, the drone which I’m building.

Then it happened. The spark in my head went POP with a thought I couldn’t ignore. What better subject for a “Photography and Social Media” course, than – photography and social media!!!
Most of us have an electronic device in our pockets. It invades much of our daily lives without us even realising it. Sometimes we ignore what’s right in front of us and around us, even people sitting right next to us, to stare at a small screen and interact or share stuff with people and things somewhere else via pixels. How absolutely bizare!
1324I don’t normally take photos of people so this subject challenges me to hesitantly wander out of my comfort zone to get the shots I am looking for. Fortunately, people are often so engrossed in their little electronic device that they are oblivious to someone taking their picture, even from quite close.
I began exploring this idea around Salamanca Market and am so far extremely pleased with the results. These ten photos were taken over two Saturday’s.  None of these shots have been set up or posed for in any way.
These guys are looking so intense at their phones while the girl lying down is ignored. I will continue to try and capture situations as they present themselves for this theme over the next few weeks and see what happens before selecting the final ten for submission.
Most of these shots have been cropped with the “guideline” of thirds in mind, but when you explore and look around them as in the shot above, you will see people in the background – on their phones.
I’m not even sure what this lady blending in with the crowd was capturing, clearly not the performer.DSC01118
I took several shots from this spot, but chose this particular one because the singer looks like he’s trying to get the otherwise occupied “crowds” attention. You simply can’t compete against a hand held electronic device, even if you have a guitar.
Some of the content in the Uni course has focused on looking at other’s work for inspiration. While I sometimes randomly browse Flickr at what others are doing and occasionally try similar techniques, I prefer to come up with my own ideas and approach to photography. I have deliberately not sought out what others are doing on this subject.
All these photos were taken with the Sony RX100III in RAW format. While it has a 70mm zoom lens, I had to get quite close to the subject in many instances. It’s small size and flip up LCD screen is a great advantage in not looking too obvious allowing you to get more candid shots.
While I absolutely agree privacy is a concern, legally – if you are in a public place, anyone can photograph you without asking permission. Nowdays, almost anywhere you go within a city, surrounding area or building, you will be photographed. Big brother is watching!
And people are worried about “drones”?

Looking at these images, one has to ask the question: is it social media, or anti-social media?

I will publish these photo’s on my Tumbler account over the next few days.


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