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Project 2 – story ideas!

While on the hunt for photos of people taking photos and using devices on Saturday at Hobart’s Salamanca Market, I found I was having trouble getting what I call my “photohead” on.
For me, this is the headspace often I get into when looking for photo opportunities. Difficult to explain and some times hard to get into, it’s like a surreal or different way of seeing the world as if time slows down into frames, cutting out other distractions and fears – almost seeing images through imaginary frames around my eyes and not looking at things as they are, but rather how they will be after editing. It can be a dangerous place to be when you need to pay attention to what you’re actually doing – like driving! – so it needs to be used with caution. I presume other’s have similar experiences too.
I wasn’t as happy with the images I was capturing and got thinking about other aspects of our device obsession that I might be able to use in my theme. This was before I read the Week 8 notes on Sunday night – which began talking about using photos for stories!
I remembered seeing clear boxes for recycled phones in shops some time ago – after being lovingly caressed, coveted and so much attention poured over them, they are discarded, often broken and thrown away – the life cyle of a mobile device – so I headed into the City to search out my idea.
This is the first shot I got, proudly displayed in the window of a mobile phone repair shop. I was pretty happy with it, but not quite what I was after. I continued my search going into a few shops with no luck, then I found this box …
After asking permission to take photos, I had problems with reflections and there weren’t many phones in there, mostly chargers, and I couldn’t get in there to re-arrange them, so still wasn’t really satisfied. So I headed next door into Coogans, where sales assistant Russel was extremely helpful!
He handed me his box of recycled phones and left me alone to empty it onto a table, arrange and shoot away!
This is my favourite shot with the over hyped Apple logo using rule of thirds and in focus, broken screens, past loved devices used and abused. This will very likely be the closing shot for my project.
While walking around, I had asked in the Telstra store if I could take a photo along the line-up of their new phones, but was told no. I still want to get a shot of shiny new phones for sale – perhaps with customers as an opening shot. I have to head into town today, so might try again – they can’t stop me if I take it from the street 😉
To keep the presentation of my theme consistent, I’m cropping my images horizontally  with a 16:9 ratio. Most of the images I take are cropped like this as it fits a standard TV, monitor or smartphone screen.

I haven’t talked about the INSPIRATION for this project, it was my own photo below, taken in February 2014 of people capturing a busker that got me thinking about this theme while making observations at Salamanca. Ironically, this is the very first image I’ve taken experimenting with street photography of people.
The caption reads: “Most people I know don’t like having their photo taken, so I don’t take many photos of people. I was reading recently about street photography but have never tried previously. What better place to start than other people with cameras!”

It can be found on my Flickr photostream HERE.

I took my trusty discrete RX100 III into town with me and captured two shots suitable for opening the story of my theme for Project 2 which I’m extremely pleased with. I might include both of these as they tie in so well together and also the end photo I plan to use.
They were both taken from public areas outside the premises – a bit of a grey area as far as permission/privacy goes but I believe the law allows it and it’s for a Uni assignment – not showing anything a normal person wouldn’t see from the street.DSC01598
The shot above is a combination of two images which are shown below before blending and cropping. I really wanted the “Want a new phone every year?” to be the subliminal stand out – for me my eye first explores the bottom of the image before seeing the sign. Of course everyone wants a new phone every year – but do we really NEED one?
Behind the scene: Here you can see the man walking past is from another image – before I adjusted the levels to match the ceiling inside. You can see I had a bit of leeway with cropping, but I was also restricted in that I cut the top of the man’s head off. I think in my edited photo he helps lead you into the shot – store.
Mmmm, shiney new phones all in a line – “give the gift” indeed! This is very close to the image I had in my head for my opening shot but may now become the second. Both these shots show some powerful marketing strategies to entice us up upgrade to the latest – and dispense with the old. That has become the nature of our digital life.


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