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More images for Project 2.

On Saturday I set out hunting more images for Project 2 of the Tas Uni course – “Photography and Social Media”. None of these shots were set up.
I was after more general shots of people taking photos or using their phones so that I had more images to choose from for my final selection of ten photos. People watching entertainers made an easy target. I spent some time waiting for several users to gather in one spot and tried to position myself for good composition. Having everyone doing something interesting at the same moment took some patience.
Taking images of people at outside tables proved more of a challenge.
Trying to get different angles and decent composition without raising too much suspicion and an attempt to capture people being natural often wasn’t an easy task.
I found by flipping the RX100’s screen up and holding the camera down as if I were casually adjusting settings or viewing images worked well allowing me to work fairly closely without spooking my prey.
I never really noticed how people use mobile phones until undertaking this project, it’s often like an unconsious habit for some. As soon as they sit down, they have to check their precious device and give it a gentle stroke. Sometimes it delights them, sometimes it seems to disappoint them or make them angry.
And it’s lure is not restricted to those of fewer years. When you look for them, the use of mobile devices is staggering.
I discovered there was a car show on Parliament Lawns, a perfect place to blend in and  find distracted people taking happy snaps, allowing me to naturally shoot quite close. I normally love looking closely at all the cars but today I was instead, studying the observers!
Most times when you take photos, it can be a challenge to get people out of the picture, so for me this was a real turn around, deliberately trying to get people in my way.
On occasions I had people trying to duck out of my way or apologising for getting in my shot. The course turned out to be a bit of a conversation starter.
I had a lenghty chat with the camera enthusiast shooting with film in the above shot after he politely tried to get out of my way. When I explained what I was doing, he said he’d seen the Uni course advertised and had considered it himself. I cropped this photo to include the subtle background photograhers at far left and right.
being a bright day, I found the high contrast in the park a challenge to work with at times but I do like this shot, it forced me to edit the image differently to my usual style.

I thought it would be great to have lots of images to choose from for Project 2, however, now I’ve edited and posted another eleven here, it’s made the decision on which ones to include or omit all the more difficult. There’s a few for me that are obviously in that fit the theme and story I wish to compile but I now have to whittle it down to just ten. There’s also a few that are out mainly because of lower quality or composition.
I’m still not sure exactly how the story will unfold, though I have a few ideas utilising the sub-theme of consumerism of both hardware and social media. I’m hoping it will flow as I start reviewing and selecting the images. The project is due in about two weeks.


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