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Social Media Roundup

After three months of using various social media outlets I’ve found they are all different and have their own strengths and weaknesses. I think most people will formulate their own strategy in regard to the different platforms and what they hope to achieve from them.  Some I used more than others, mainly because of convenience – like Instagram for me is limited in that you can only upload from a mobile device. It’s very convenient for them, but as I now mostly use my Sony RX100III to get better image quality and flexibility in post processing, it is too clumbsy and time consuming transfering it to post from my phone, though I do like the platform with it’s very clean square image layout.
I can see a use for it and I may try a 365 mobile project on it in the future – I was inspired by fellow student Cathy Williams 365 project “#WorldAtMyFeet” where she takes an image of what’s under her feet every day.

Below is my strategy that works for me.
WordPress is a flexible platform that enables static pages for a website as well as a good blogging platform which allows you to present and post things the way YOU want them to appear. It is based on templates which makes it easier to set up, though it is more difficult to learn than all the others but far more flexible. Templates do restrict your design choices but there is a huge amount of free ones to choose from and it’s not hard to find something you like and can make your own and you can also pay for templates and further customisation if you wish.
Once set up, editing posts and pages is similar to using MS Word, though the editing interface not WYSIWYG which can be occasionally frustrating switching back and forward to check after each edit but you can drill down to HTML code if you wish. I recently noticed you can now schedule when a post will go live, allowing you to add a few at one time and stagger their publication.
On it’s own, it’s reach is somewhat limited but I’ve found that by posting blogs regularly with tags and promoting or sharing them using other social media like Facebook, Tumbler, Pinterest and even Flickr is a very affective way of building an audience and ranking higher in Google searches.
My most successful WordPress site is which I started to promote my aerial photography in October 2014. It has now had over 53,500 views by more than 20,000 visitors. Topic has a lot to do with popularity and helping people with problems on the (at the time new) Walkera Scout.
You can access other sites I’ve created on WordPress HERE.

Flickr is still my favourite photography platform, mainly for it’s EXIF inclusion and copyright policy as well as it’s clean layout which is flexible enough to let you upload any sized photo. I have set mine up so that any uploads are also posted onto my Facebook wall for friends to see. It does have some restrictions, you can’t shedule uploads to stagger them and if you upload more than three images at a time they can often get missed by your followers. You can organise your photos into albums, set a location and join or create groups to share and comment on each others work.

I found Tumbler too restrictive for me in it’s layout and post format, but it is a good way to reach people and works well to share my WordPress posts to.

I like that you can create board to organise your stuff on Pinterest. Again, I don’t think I’ll be using the platform directly but will use it to pin WordPress posts for promotion.

I also use YouTube to upload my video’s (when I get back into flying) and then share them using Facebook and other social media mentioned above. Video upload is possible of Flickr but I found it wasn’t very successful.

Most of the other social media platforms I mentioned on my earlier post I tend not to use.


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