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Black and White

My daughter started studying photography at college, her first assignment is black and white film. We went out on a shoot together which I really enjoyed and I got inspired … I don’t take or edit many black and white images as I generally like to capture all the detail in my photos. Restricting yourself to mono helps you appreciate how light plays and works in an image.

Governors Gate

Playing with black and white, Government House, Hobart.

It was quite windy and a long exposure captured the movement in the leaves. I like the flare from the lamp and the long shadows.

Kellys Steps1

Snapped, Kelly’s Steps, Salamanca.


The photographer.

Night Walkers

Night Walkers.

Arch Window

Looking through the arch window.

I also had a play with some simple items around the house.

New Neighbours

“New neighbours”

I don’t really have new neighbours but it seemed like an appropriate caption after I took the image of a cup of sugar.



Perhaps I have just inspired you to try something different?


Grades – Photography and Social Media

Light tree

The results and feedback for the Tas Uni course were released today!
Here are my results and feedback from tutor Jessica.

Project 1 – dropbox:   Good Pass.


Thank you for submitting your work for Project 1 and well done.

You have shown a very keen engagement with this project, exploring multiple ways to both interpret and execute the selfie theme. Your explorations have involved lots of documentation of your thoughts, experiments with techniques and design and editing. Your final three images are clever and well-justified. They convey your intentions well, incorporating the techniques that you have both learned and endeavoured to master throughout the course and are all visually very striking. I believe I have already said this in my critique, but I really like your lighthouse selfie. That is a really lovely image and so multi-faceted. All yours images are successful in this way. The more you look, the more you see. This is a wonderful technique to have mastered.

Your digital journal is also extensive and a great back up to your work. It nicely highlights your processes while analysing your own, and others work. It shows a clear path from where you began, to where you are now in submitting which is great to see. Perhaps a few more images of other photographers images that are inspiring to you or similar to your own would have helped to further contextualise your work, but apart from that – great work.

Project 1 – Critique -Group 8:   Good Pass.


Well done on completing this component of the task. You have very successfully contributed to the discussion board by uploading a range of creative and intriguing images for critique. These show a thorough investigation into your own ideas for a story. You have also shown consideration for the feedback you received from myself and your peers by actively showing your changes as a result of this advice given.

The feedback you provided to your peers was both insightful and constructive. You offered very positive reinforcement and made suggestions for how they might enhance their work. Your comments were considered and extensive, showing an interest for engaging with other artist’s ideas and processes.

Well done.

Project 2 – dropbox:   Good Pass.


Thank you for submitting your work for Project 2 and well done.

Your work has progressed in a very sophisticated way since the beginning of this unit. You have shown your ability to explore your own interests, push your own limits and acknowledge and actively take on the advice of your peers. Your final selection of images are very successful. You have cleverly explored a theme that plays right into the unit’s overall focus. You have also chosen a theme that has allowed you to explore many different aspects and techniques in photo-making. Your images are both documentary-like in nature, presenting a study of human nature, while also being studies in viewpoint, perspective and composition. The way you have captured your subjects as they use technology creates a very interesting dialogue between the viewer and the subject as we are viewing them through technology also. This makes them particularly successful for me.

Your journal is extensive and very engaging. You have documented your processes well, offering insights into your thoughts as you have progressed. What I would like to have seen is a little more contextual analysis – that is comments on images and photographers from photographers that you admire. This would have benefited you in the formation of your ideas.

Great work.

Project 2 – Critique -Group 8:   Good Pass.


Well done on completing this component of Project 2. You have successfully participated in the discussion board by uploading a range of original and experimental images for critique and by providing us with a detailed recount of the ideas and processes behind your work. It is good to see such detailed comments to accompany each image so that we are directed on how to correctly read the image. Nice work.

Your feedback on the work of your peers is well-informed, constructive and professional. You have provided positive feedback and detailed analysis of their images as well as made suggestions as to how they might improve. It is great to see that you took the time to comment on each of their individual images and offered your thoughts.

Great job.

Lost World

My daughter has started studying photography at College so together we set off to explore “Lost World” on kunanyi.
Mist swirled around us providing some interesting subdued lighting on our journey.
Lost World is not a long walk but is quite technical and at times the “track” is difficult to follow. It takes about 50 minutes to walk in.

Hidden Garden

It’s potentially a rather dangerous place an requires great care. There are big drop offs and gaps between the rocks.


It’s possible to get underground into a Labyrinth beneth the rocks however, people have been known to get lost.
Massive boulders under a towering cliff make for a surreal atmosphere. We were the only ones there …
Lostworld Lostsouls
… apart from those that got lost, never to return.
Life down the crack
Life survives between every crack
and a top rocks.knarley
Life is harsh in such a place, but it thrives and goes on.
We also visited the boulderfields on kunanji before returning home.