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Lost World

My daughter has started studying photography at College so together we set off to explore “Lost World” on kunanyi.
Mist swirled around us providing some interesting subdued lighting on our journey.
Lost World is not a long walk but is quite technical and at times the “track” is difficult to follow. It takes about 50 minutes to walk in.

Hidden Garden

It’s potentially a rather dangerous place an requires great care. There are big drop offs and gaps between the rocks.


It’s possible to get underground into a Labyrinth beneth the rocks however, people have been known to get lost.
Massive boulders under a towering cliff make for a surreal atmosphere. We were the only ones there …
Lostworld Lostsouls
… apart from those that got lost, never to return.
Life down the crack
Life survives between every crack
and a top rocks.knarley
Life is harsh in such a place, but it thrives and goes on.
We also visited the boulderfields on kunanji before returning home.



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