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Black and White

My daughter started studying photography at college, her first assignment is black and white film. We went out on a shoot together which I really enjoyed and I got inspired … I don’t take or edit many black and white images as I generally like to capture all the detail in my photos. Restricting yourself to mono helps you appreciate how light plays and works in an image.

Governors Gate

Playing with black and white, Government House, Hobart.

It was quite windy and a long exposure captured the movement in the leaves. I like the flare from the lamp and the long shadows.

Kellys Steps1

Snapped, Kelly’s Steps, Salamanca.


The photographer.

Night Walkers

Night Walkers.

Arch Window

Looking through the arch window.

I also had a play with some simple items around the house.

New Neighbours

“New neighbours”

I don’t really have new neighbours but it seemed like an appropriate caption after I took the image of a cup of sugar.



Perhaps I have just inspired you to try something different?



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